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ArtNet: See the Best Booths at Spring/Break New York 2022

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Quiet Lunch Magazine: The Standout Booths at Spring Break Art Show 2022 and Their Artists/Curators

Booth #1053 | “Invasion of Privacy” featuring Patty Horing. | Curated by Anna Zorina Gallery.

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Testudo: 7 New York Shows to Ring in the New Year

Known for her intimate portraits featuring individuals and small groups engaging in everyday activities and private moments, Patty Horing has a keen ability to tap into the fundamental emotions that make us human. For her third solo show at Anna Zorina Gallery in Chelsea, Horing explores modern masculinity in new paintings and sculptures. Many show an image of man as a father, embracing the role of caregiver. Others show men alone, relaxing in moments of introspection and vulnerability. Horing seeks to celebrate a nuanced idea of masculinity that includes tenderness and care for others.

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Quiet Lunch Magazine: Interview: The Last Days of A Few Good Men.

There is something familiar about Patty Horing‘s latest solo exhibition, A Few Good Men. Hosted by Anna Zorina Gallery, the exhibition greets you with a certain warmth. As some portraiture can have an eerie and almost off-putting Mona Lisa effect, where the eyes follow you suspiciously around the room, judging every move and clocking every glance. Horing’s subjects seem to welcome you with open arms and a knowing smile in their eyes. Their body language translates as an invitation rather than posturing. A Few Good Men makes you feel at home and encourages you to stay awhile. Horing draws the viewer in and keeps them there with a captivating panache for nuances and Easter eggs.

New American Paintings, issue #158.

One of 50 artists selected for Northeast edition of this juried exhibition-in-print, curated by Bill Powers, Half Gallery, NYC.

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'Joe & Joe' on the cover of Five Points, A Journal of Literature and Arts
The OG Magazine:
The Show Must Go On.
Interview with Patty Horing and Deborah Brown.

Patty Horing and Deborah planned an impressive group show of portraits for the summer of 2020 at Zorina Gallery. What they didn't plan for was a global pandemic that would put the whole city on pause. They still managed to install a physical exhibition and open New York's first in-person gallery show since the lockdown started. 

ANTE Mag: Delight Prevails at Patty Horing’s Underdressed, Anna Zorina Gallery

Sheer visual pleasure would have been reason enough to visit Patty Horing’s new show Underdressed at Anna Zorina’s delightful new ground floor space on 24th St in Chelsea.  But there was much more awaiting viewers there in these large figurative canvases and smaller drawings.  Horing brings a novelist’s sensibility to these sensitive contextual portraits, allowing us to enter into a relationship with these fully formed characters: neighbors down the hall with the cat, the woman in your reading group or the happy biracial couple celebrating their new baby. Today’s Edith Wharton, armed with a brush rather than pen, Horing shows us how we live, what we care about, and who we are today with humor and psychological depth.

Create Magazine: Contemporary Portraiture: Interview with Patty Horing

Your work is a beautiful snapshot of contemporary life. Tell us about your interest in figure painting and your journey as a visual artist so far. 

I was an arts & crafts-obsessed kid and loved art history in college, but I didn’t start painting until relatively recently. I had a career in marketing, got a Masters degree in English literature, and became a mom to two kids before I ever picked up a paintbrush. Pretty immediately after starting painting, I found myself drawn to painting people.

Blouin Artinfo: Patty Horing’s ‘Ordinary Lives’ at Anna Zorina Gallery, New York

“Ordinary Lives,” an exhibition of works by New York-based artist Patty Horing (b. 1965, Chicago, Illinois) started on February 23 and will run through March 25, 2017 at Anna Zorina Gallery, New York.

The show features works that explore the narrative and psychological nature of portraiture as a genre. Horing’s subjects are her friends and family. The paintings reveal a certain level of vulnerability which stems from her emotional attachment, specific to each relationship. This inadvertently fosters a similar intimate connection for the viewer. This knowledge makes the artist’s subjects anything but ordinary. This is Patty Horing’s debut solo exhibition.

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W Magazine: See How 15 Women Artists, Including Rose McGowan, Are Reacting to Donald Trump

As an estimated 200,000 women prepare to gather in Washington, D.C. the day after the inauguration to protest the inescapable threat to their rights that is Donald Trump, 80 female artists are coming together in New York to express their all-caps discontent in "UPRISE/ANGRY WOMEN," a show opening on the 17th at Untitled Space gallery, curated by Indira Cesarine. Presented with the ERA Coalition and featuring everyone from Rose McGowan to up-and-comers like Maggie Dunlap, it's also a benefit for the Fund for Women's Equality, meaning works like a Trump voodoo doll will go towards both promoting an Equal Rights Amendment and satisfying your frustrations to boot. Preview the exhibition, here.

ARTE FUSE: Three Women at Anna Zorina Gallery

Patty Horing’s paintings offer an even higher level of intimacy in their candid illustrations of her friends and family. With assured colors and strokes, she encourages the viewer to overcome any initial discomfort and engage emotionally with the depicted individual and moment. And her subjects are not just female, empowering everyone to form her or his own connection with the work.

WIDEWALLS: Three Women Exhibition at Anna Zorina Gallery

So who are the three women exhibiting at Anna Zorina Gallery in September? Patty Horing, New York-based artist is focused on exploring the psychological and narrative concepts of portraiture. Throughout her expressionistic painting practice, she aspires to discover and bring to canvas those essential qualities of one’s identity which grants her paintings the emotional depth and intimacy resulting in empathetic reactions from the viewers. 

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